I have been having a wasp problem in my apartment for a few months. The complex has been unable to find the problem or provide me with any information as to what they have done to find the problem. I called Allen and he was able to find the issue in about 10 minutes. He provided me with lots of information about the paper wasps, and recommendations as to how to deal with them until the apartment complex can get their act together and remove the nests in the chimney.

Stephen Y.

Allen was very professional, efficient, and effective. I really could not have asked for better service. Thanks, Allen!

Dylan C.

So helpful! I called six different places before I found someone who would come to Estes Park. Very thorough, professional and effective! Highly recommended.

Leanne G.

Allen was awesome!! I was under a super time crunch to get these hornet's nests removed. Not only did Allen accommodate our emergency, he was extremely fair with his pricing, courteous, and professional. Highly recommend.

Tiare H.

Allen did a fantastic job! Called him out to our newly purchased house a month ago to remove our newly discovered creepy crawlies! Haven't seen one since! I will definitely be calling him again in the spring for continued prevention!

Kendra H.

Allen came out to our house for spider, bugs, wasp, yellow jacket, ants etc. termination. We had a very large wolf spider in our basement well and many other kinds of spiders. He cleans out the debris in the well and accurately exterminated all spiders and bugs- Allen knows his tools he uses for extermination and in addition is just very knowledgeable about what works for particular kinds of pests. I am having Allen come out again later this year for a follow up- And I normally would take care of this stuff myself- Allen has a very discerning eye for pest control and is my go to man for kind of job now.

Greg H.

Allen was great to work with. I had a pantry moth infestation that I finally managed to resolve before his scheduled visit. I wasn't 100% sure that I had solved it and I also didn't want to cancel on him at the last minute. Allen confirmed that the problem seems to be solved where others might have charged me for something I didn't really need. I really appreciate the honesty and professionalism and will definitely use this business again.

David K.

We've been with Allen for over a year now. When we first moved in we had horrible problem with mice. They were everywhere and we had a kid in the way. Allen came and did an amazing job patching holes and setting traps. Right away we saw a big difference and in a short time we were pretty much mouse free. He has continued to check up and we have had no problems. It’s been over a year and still no mice problems. I highly recommend his services. He is very professional and clean. He cares about quality and service there's no doubt he is the pest control service you want.

Fred D.

Allen was great! Such a nice guy and got my bird problems all taken care of on the same day as my initial inspection. I had tried to set up an appointment with the competition and got stood up; Allen was a breath of fresh air! Highly recommend Iconic!

Sam L.

Mary Jo and I discovered a yellow jacket nest in our shed a couple of days ago. It was in the back of the shed, with a small hole in the vent on the back siding their entrance and exit point. Attached to the ceiling, a beam, and the wall, we saw no way to simply take the nest down. Being inside the shed, it was difficult to see a way to easily spray the nest without putting ourselves in harm’s way of a swarm of angry yellow jackets. We called Allen; instantly, he said "I can do a wide turn, and be there in an hour" He showed up right on time, assessed the situation, suited up, and fogged the nest. A follow up in a few days will ensure that we can use the shed without worry and be safe from being stung. We highly recommend Allen Stelwagon and Iconic Pest Solutions. In this day of automated calls, answering machines, and delays, he was available, knowledgeable, and provided nearly instant service to our need of having these yellow jackets removed. Excellent work, product, and a delightful person to boot.


To say finding Allen was a "God sent" is an understatement. Allen did a great job of getting rid of mice in my mother's older home. He was truly invested in doing the job, was always available to answer any concerns or questions, did prompt follow-up visits to get rid of the trapped mice and set new traps, always professional and just a great guy to have in your home. It was truly my lucky day when I found Allen and I guarantee it will be yours too!

Judy G.

Very prompt response to my problem with bees in the hot tub. I thought it was a major deal but Allen found it to be a minor problem and quickly resolved the issue. I found Allen to be professional, courteous and efficient and would not hesitate to call on Iconic again. Plus, this is a LOCAL company and I highly recommend them.

Donna M.

We have used this service quite a few times for skunk and raccoon removal, and also spraying inside and outside for spiders. We highly recommend him because he is very dependable and does a terrific job.

Laura V.

We hired Iconic pest solutions for some issues we were having in our commercial rest room at Anytime Fitness. The service was excellent he really went above and beyond. If we have any more work to be done we will call Iconic pest solutions.

Micaela H.